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Sorry I have been off, but I do a lot of training at present and only go on FB during my lunch and Some evenings..... I am recording all my training on FB of Urshie as I made the huge mistake of never doing any videos of Yussie and I am sure some people thought I dreamt how awesome she was.... having so much fun training with my little girls.

But I find it difficult to post pics and videos, other people can post mine, but I cant. I am sure it is me.

Urshie has just brought light back into my life. I had no idea how much I missed Yussie and all the training we did. They are full sisters and so alike and again different. I still miss my Yussie so much, but urshie has also won a huge space in my heart.

She loves training and I love training, so again a good combo. She is doing so much stuff now. Sometimes I just wish it was easier to share.

Post a lot on FB, because I have a water training group (and drafting/general obedience) and we share Ideas as I instruct them and we meet fortnightly.

Life is full on at present... thank you for caring :) ;)

I am on FB as Ronnie Taft