Puppy Sweeps Steward


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Just wanted you to know I was one of the stewards all day Wednesday. I wouldn't even take the time for lunch, because I didn't want to miss one puppy! I tried to keep track of everyone in my catalog, but wasn't always successful. Each and everyone of you have beautiful Newfoundlands. My first National was more enjoyable and more of a success than imagineable. I can't wait for next year....


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Alaskanewf, we watched the puppy sweepstakes all day Wednesday and probably looked right at you. Sorry we missed meeting you! That was quite a trip for you to take. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

Would have to agree with you. All the puppies were darling and I thought they did very well in the conformation ring.


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Alaska Newf!!!!!
Holy Cow, you must have seen Rainbo and me in the ring??? We would have been the ones that provided all the comic relief! Honestly, we were in on Wed. around 12:30-1:00. It was the 9-12 month old bitches. Gosh I wish I would have known.