psycho newf


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OK so i know Simba has a bit of a problem he thinks every time i leave that he is going to. i can leave but he gets all excited and acts like a hyper monster he settles down after i am gone. well Friday i had to take Sheba to the vets and he went berserk it took me for ever to get Sheba in the kitchen with out him. we have 2 gates to the kitchen and he knocked the one right out of the way.

so we started back at the beginning dragging his big furry butt back to the dinning room fixed the gate and continued to get Sheba out the door well he went nuts. in the end he went to if not he was going to hurt himself. he has never been that nuts and i am telling you a 100lb psycho dog is not fun. i guess we better start working on this.

Sheba is doing good we just have to wean her off her meds.