Joining the cruciate ligament club


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Well Luna decided that it was her turn to join the club in June.

Told the vets immediately what we suspected , got the owner knows everything eye roll but turns out we were right.

She's had her first rear leg operated on,luckily she is a better patient than her sister.

X-rays next week and then the other leg will be done as well


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I don't ever want to be a part of that club! Seems it happens so much more these days, Wonder why??? Wishing for a speedy recovery! I don't think I've seen a picture of Luna, can you post one, Victoria?


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I'll try she is my ninja best , clever too much for her own good at times.

August 14 th she goes in for her second leg to be done


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Took Luna in for her second cruciate to be done .

Unfortunately she had a temperature which after two hours of sitting in front of a fan went down but too risky to do surgery.

Bloodwork has come back clear but just waiting on ear swabs .
We scanned her in case of pyo but again all clear.

She's lost weight though that could also be due to the heat so handfeeding her atm


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Hi Angela,sorry for late reply.

We've had a few cultures done on her ears and dreaded pseudonomas so until.we get her ears cleared up she can't have the surgery.

Very frustrating but hoping things will get better soon.the ears are putting her off eating a bit so tempting her appetite as well.

Always something 😭😭


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Too sad. Pseudomonas is so hard to cure, such bad luck. Keep us informed and give her a hug from me.


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Well at least my little hellraisers came to us as they will get whatever they need

Trying out an ear cleaner with lemon and lime extracts in it as the trizaural and acv/water mix was a bit too much for their ears and sent them nuts.

So far it's looking promising and the acv water mix gets squirted into their mouths instead along with a good snack.

Luna is building muscle nicely now