Help transport newfs from Germany to Texas


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Tsunami and Typhoon are this family's Newfoundland dogs. The father, Eric Briggs, is just finishing a second 4 year tour in the Air Force, stationed in Germany. He is being sent to Texas next. Eric and his wife have seven children, so their budget is tight, and the Air Force does not pay to relocate pets.

We have known this family for years, through Newf Net, so I know this request is real. Please click the link below, to donate whatever you can, to help transport their beloved dogs to Texas with them..Thank you!

Donate to help transport Tsunami and Typhoon (newfs), from Germany to Texas
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Come on ya'll! Even if it's only a few will add up!

If you have ever wondered how you could thank a military family....this is the perfect way! In addition, they are fellow newfie parents! Let's show them some NN Love!