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My name is Jason. My family is welcoming our first newfie puppy on december 21st. The breeder has been kind enough to hold on to her for us so that we can surprise our daughter at christmas time. Our puppy's call name will be Piper and we are very excited for this new addtion to our family. This will be my first dog as an adult. My last childhood dog, a black labrador named Magic, passed a few years ago at my mother's house. I still miss Magic and I still miss our first dog who passed when I was only 6 years old (Maxie the German Shorthair Pointer). I'm looking forward to our children learning of a dogs unconditional love just as I did as a child. We would appreciate any tips on training our newfie. Piper will be 14 weeks old when we bring her home. Happy Holidays everyone.


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Piper looks absolutely adorable!
I grew up in Levittown. I lived first in Greenbrook and then Forsythia Gate.
Welcome to the group!


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She's a cutie. Just remember that with all of the Christmas festivities, that a puppy can get quite overwhelmed. Have a nice quiet spot, away from the hubbub, where she can rest in her crate. It's all going to be quite new to her, being away from her dog family, and getting adjusted to yours. Go slow, and give her a chance to acclimate.



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Newf puppies can be a handful...mine were...not the quiet couch potatoes you may have read about. They get the zoomies which are crazy and so funny but not if they knock down the Xmas tree..LOL. Remember they are really babies for a long long time even when they look grown they are still maturing...so please please be patient with her...she will be your true best friend in the world...they are so loving and sweet but as puppies...very trying at times. Good luck with your wonderful little girl.


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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. We are expecting a very energetic pup and can't wait to bring her home. We are putting the christmas tree out on the covered porch this year so she has one less obstacle in the house. We just got some updated pictures from the breeder last night.


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As soon as possible get her into a puppy class or some kind of basic obedience class.
This is very important, they grow large very quickly and so need to learn basic manners.