Hard to believe...


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...it's been one year today since I lost my goofy Charlie. We had it planned so well; Charlie and Koda would help raise a puppy (we knew Max wasn't going to have another summer) So much for our plans...
I miss my smart, smart-alec, goofy boy :( Charlie was that Newf that was smart enough to do whatever I asked of him if he thought there was something in it for him. He once grabbed a pizza out of the oven and had it gone before I finished my first piece. No cube of butter was safe around him! He had great water rescue instincts; he just wouldn't swim! He routinely hauled Max out of the river (by his tail) if he thought the water was getting too close to Max's belly. After all, couldn't let big brother drown (Max didn't swim either);) Charlie took his water rescue duties very seriously; I couldn't leave a hose or sprinkler turned on or Charlie would grab it and run with it as far as he could get it away from me and the house. Such a silly boy.
He loved picking blackberries; on our walks, he would stop and eat as many ripe berries that I would allow. Being true to his breed, Charlie never met a stranger he didn't like.
I miss my goof ball every day.:cry: