Gray and landseers genetics


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So in no way am I very knowledgeable on Newfie genetics but was hoping someone could explain how grey and landseers pups happen, I know that a black newf is BB while a brown one would need to be a bb as its recessive to black
but how do you get gray and landseers?
Would the parents for a grey need to be Bb black with the brown gene? As gray is a diluted black right? Grays are my favorite color i know some people thing they have more skin issues but I think in my research that's I've read it seems that's just a myth they are no more prone to issues than all newfies..... as all colors can have all of the problems......?

What about landseers?? What genes do their parents have to have??


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I guess I was asking more what do the parents have to be that would allow a grey other Landseer to be born.
I'm not breeding any newfs but what would you have tone breed to get a would you know a black carries a grey is there a way to look at their lines or only testing...

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You can color test them. I test mine before breeding so I know what to expect/avoid. To get a grey you have to have both parents carrying grey. Since black is dominant, a black dog can carry recessive Landseer, so it is important to know the lines and genetic background of the dog. Both parents would have to carry Landseer to get those pups.


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While it is true that there are health issues with all colors, grays are more prone to skin issues. It's not a myth.