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After nearly 50 years of loving, showing (in conformation and obedience), and breeding Newfs, we are afraid that we must now downsize. As you can imagine, we've accumulated a significant amount of equipment and art related to our passion.

Besides all the grooming equipment (blow dryers, clippers, tables, tack box, scissors, combs, rakes, slickers, etc.) and enclosures (airline crates, Central Metal Products crates, ex pens, and puppy playpens), we've purchased and won a significant amount of Newfy art and memorabilia over the years. I've also got Newf Tides from early 1973. All of the equipment and most of the art and memorabilia are for sale at very reasonable prices.

I probably won't get around to photographing all the art and memorabilia until after the holidays. But I'll post to the List when I've done so. But anybody who wants to visit us here in southern Ohio is certainly welcome to see things in person at any time.

If anybody is interested in any of the large items (crates, ex pens, etc.), please plan on coming here to southern Ohio to pick it up.

You can email me at or call me at 740.663.5651 (any time after noon). I love to "talk Newfy."

Flip Young
Viking Newfoundlands