Dog bites and stitches

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On April 5th, I was bitten by a dog, NO, not by sweet baby boy, Sam.

I received 4 stitches at the ER.

Today, being 4/14 is still does open up and seep blood, not any other color than blood red.

When should I have the stitches removed? Frankly, I don't want to sit at the DR's office to hear them say, leave them in a bit longer.

I had the antibiotic "augmentin" for 7 days.

Swelling has gone down considerably, but the movement of my hand and fingers seems to open it up again, just in small areas.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



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Stitches normally come out in 7 -14 days but you should not have seeping blood at this point. Depending on where on the hand you were bitten, they should have stitched it well enough that movement did not cause blood seepage, OR immobilized it for several days to allow better healing. I have never had stitches from a bit seep more than a day or two at most. Are you taking medication that causes more risk of bleeding (aspirin, ibuprofen, blood thinners, etc)? If not I would check in with your doctor so they can evaluate the would and see if something else is needed for healing.


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If it hasn't healed up maybe the stitches weren't in deep enough? Maybe call the Dr's office and just ask to speak with the nurse?


New member does not sound like the stitches are doing the best job if its still opening up. If its in an area like a hand or finger where you move a lot, they should have put a splint on it to immobilize it for a few days so it could heal without opening. If you are constantly opening it, its going to take longer to heal.

That being said, stitches are usually in for about 10-14 days. I'd go ahead and have the dr look at it on the day they told you. If its healed enough they may just take them out, but they may also recommend immobilizing it for a few days or giving it more time. After this long it should not really still bleed a lot.

It sounds like its starting to heal, but it may be a little delayed if it keeps opening.


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Anytime I get bit my Dr says no stitches to a puncture wound but I do get the meds. Also I have to keep my tetanus up to date. Working with dogs getting bit can be a hazard of the job. Although it does not happen as much since I've learned to read the dogs better.

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Thanks guys! I don't know how to post pics, so I will try to give you a visual.

If you hold your hand upright, with the thumb facing you, to the right in the chubby part of the hand, that is where my stitches are. Amazing how you realize what each of these components do!

I was told that they don't stitch up dog bites too tightly because they want it to drain, and that dogs' mouths are dirty but less than human mouths/bites.

I just hate like heck to sit in the ER or a doc's office, to then let me know keep your stitches intact.

I have been soaking the hand in epsom salts.

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Usually it is best to keep suture lines dry.the soaking is most likely part of the problem..i am with Jeannie..leave them open and clean


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Hi Sue,
Soaking the hand might be causing part of the problem, but I'd have the doc take a look. Really shouldn't still have blood seeping this long after the bite. So sorry you're hurting.


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Keep it dry and if you can, open to air. I know stitches can be super annoying but just leave them alone and they'll do their thing. I wouldn't go to an ER for this but if it starts to get red, puffy, painful, or start draining pus then I'd definitely go to your doctor or an urgent care.

When I had stitches in the back of my hand I wrapped my wrist and fingers to keep me from moving it for a few days. It was a pain but I really think it helped heal a bit faster. It also gave the stitches time to loosen up a little so I didn't feel like I was going to tear my skin every time I made a fist.

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I'm on board with stop soaking your hand. It has to be dry to heal. Good luck and I hope you get better soon. If you are concerned with keeping the area clean just wipe it carefully. I keep Hibiclens on hand for both canine and human emergencies. Over the counter is the same stuff doctors and vets use just less concentrated.


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Stitches have to be kept dry. That's probably the problem. I'd say it will take 14 days for sure, now.


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Lavender essential oil is helpful in healing wounds and helpful for scaring. It has been used for burn victims, too.


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When I was 12, I was bit in the cheek by our Scotty. ( I was her favorite person too!) I didn't have stiches because it was my face, but after it closed up I used Mederma and there is almost no scar.

I would try to keep it dry and immobile for a few days.