Barn Hunt??


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I was looking for TDI information in WA State after seeing Mrs. Big Dogs post. Congratulations by the way! The same place that does TDI testing also is doing a Barn Hunt. Has anyone ever done a barn hunt with their Newf?

There are some size restrictions that could preclude the bigger Newfs - but for my smaller girl - I thought she might like it. They hunt mice in a barn with a maze of hay bales.

My girl Ziva rips through the bushes in our back yard (outside her fenced area) every time I let her out there. She pushes through bushes and shrubs looking for some kind of varmint. Luckily she hasn't caught it yet! If she can jump over the couch she should be able to jump up on a hay bale - right?


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Sounds fun, a barn hunt. I don't know why but I see the Steve Martin character in The Jerk cat juggling skit. He would be taunting the dogs with hands full of mice before the start.Tracy
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