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  • Wow! What a small world! Our boy will be coming from the Tip Top line of dogs in Sask. There are lots of breeders in ON. I'm so glad that I reached out to you.

    My little guy is coming from Saskatchewan. There are a few breeders there and they work closely together although I know that a lot of ON breeders us their lines as well - especially for Landseers.

    Mooncusser, I must look that up for sure!

    We are happy to take any advice from locals - they always know the best spots. We are staying on the east end of Provincetown - suppose to be a bit quieter and very close to the water - advertised at 200 ft away...we just can't wait!

    is your fur baby one of Sue's???
    Keep me in mind....summer on the Cape with dogs can be a lot of fun if you know where to go! Unfortunately it takes some local knowledge, it's not as dog friendly as you might expect.

    There's a great breeder in that area, Sue Jones at Mooncusser. I met an Ontario breeder who was traveling to mate her bitch at Mooncusser and have some hearts done on a litter of pups from one of Sue's boys. Any chance your new baby has local relatives?
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