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    Happy New Year!

    We wanted to wish everyone and their furbabies a very Happy New Year!
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    NNR our Merry Christmas card

    The girls have not been in the holiday spirit to sit and pose for me so I just played around until I came up with this of my babies wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas Sarah- blk lab, Ginger-BosTerrier, Merlin-gray fellow, Tucker-orange boy and little Penny Layne our tuxedo I still don't...
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    NNR my girls

    Shared a piece of pizza crust with my girls, went in to get another piece and came back to find them waiting patiently for another piece. LOL well it looks like I am only able to attach the link and not the picture, sorry. Sarah Kathleen Ginger Ann...
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    NNR my babies are having birthdays

    no newfies but still hoping some day to rescue or adopt another, until then here are two of my babies. I still can't believe that my baby girl is 11 years old already. time goes by so quickly (posting away while photobucket is working) baby Sarah at 8 weeks Sarah this morning at 11 years...
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    Pretty girl in Fl

    Oh if I were only closer to this little girl.
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    No newfies in the picture maybe one of these days ..... until then I have my senior ladies keeping me busy. Ginger is our little Boston terrier and Sarah is our black lab. Ginger is 11 yrs old will be 12 yrs in November and Sarah is 10 yrs old will be 11 yrs in June. They are a sober lot when...
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    Newfie girl in Ca

    I tried to send off a heads up to the contact email I found in the contacts but not sure if it went through. Found this little girl looks like she is in need of some TLC
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    NNR my girls

    Haven't posted a picture of my kids in a while it seems - hopefully one of these days I will have another newfie sitting in the picture again. But for now I have my beautiful girls. Sarah the black lab just turned 10 yrs old in June and little Ginger will be 11 yrs old this November.
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    beauty in everything

    I try every morning to count my blessings. Even this morning, it is cold and raining with chance of snow we are having 20-30 mile hour winds with 40 mph wind gusts. I went outside with Sarah, while standing on my back deck looking at the gray dark clouds I see this to my left. it started off as...
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    Can a rescue help this guy in FL

    Max looks like such a sweet lost guy that might have an eye injury. I tried the two links for Fl newf rescue but they wouldn't give me an email address without loading apps. The other links took me to another FL newf board to try and find help...
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    Bailey's idea of hide and seek

    The thread of the little girl playing hide and seek with her newf reminded me of Bailey and his love for the game. Bailey had a different idea of how the game was played and thought if he couldn't see you then you couldn't see him. He was always so surprised when he was found.
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    Is there a rescue to help out Teak I hope the link works. She is a beautiful senior girl that deserves to be in a nice loving home with a soft bed.
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    Our little snow bunny

    Bailey is loving the cold and snow more then the rest of us :)
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    Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome and diet

    If this needs to be moved to the senior thread that is ok wasn't sure where to post. Bailey has been having some difficulties lately so I took him to the vet. They did blood work came back clean he did have a little bit of a uti which is being treated, however his doctor did diagnose him...
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    Bailey gets a hair cut

    My SO has been on to me for years to trim Bailey especially his ears, so I printed off the instructions on trimming from the grooming section and went to town on the boy LOL Actually I just got his ears done and trimmed up his tummy he can't stand very long at a time for me to get his legs...