NNR my babies are having birthdays

Bailey Boy

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no newfies but still hoping some day to rescue or adopt another, until then here are two of my babies. I still can't believe that my baby girl is 11 years old already. time goes by so quickly (posting away while photobucket is working)

baby Sarah at 8 weeks

Sarah this morning at 11 years

Merlin also had a birthday last month my baby Longfellow turned 12 yrs old
a baby Merlin around 4 months old

Merlin on his birthday


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Aw...How lovely is Sarah with her sugar frosted face and pretty eyes? I love senior faces! And Merlin knows he's just too sexy! Thank you for rescuing them.

Bailey Boy

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Don't tell Sarah but I was never very fond of labs until Heidi. She was a beautiful, intelligent black lab. since meeting her I feel in love with the breed and always hoped I would have one as an adult. :) Bailey introduced me to the newfoundland dog even though he was a mix, I still hope that one day our home will be blessed with another.

I never see the white hairs on Sarah's face until I take a picture and have to come to terms she is getting older. Same reason I don't turn on the overhead bathroom light when I look in the mirror, my hair is still black as coal, my clothes fit loosely and no wrinkles LOL