Bailey Boy

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No newfies in the picture maybe one of these days ..... until then I have my senior ladies keeping me busy.

Ginger is our little Boston terrier and Sarah is our black lab. Ginger is 11 yrs old will be 12 yrs in November and Sarah is 10 yrs old will be 11 yrs in June. They are a sober lot when it comes to getting their pictures taken LOL I promise they are happy girls.



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I love them, but then Labs are my next favourite dogs. They look really good for seniors, don't they?

Bailey Boy

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thank you all for your compliments on my babies.

They are still running and playing with us, each other and with the pup next door. Of course they take more power naps these days too :)


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they look great. My last two Labs (sisters from different litters) both live to be over 15.


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I love them both! They look fantastic. They remind me of my crew in that mine also hate having their pic taken:nono::D


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They look wonderful...we have 2 newfies and a lab...our lab will be 8 in June...I am hoping for a long long life for him!