Tried a new vet today


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We tried a new mobile vet today. After our former mobile vet passed away 2 years ago, we've been struggling to find someone we like.

This group recently started covering our area so I gave it a try for Ruby and Carter for annual exams.

It went really well. I liked them a lot. They were very reasonable with recommendations and such. (Our last vet tried to sell me hundreds of $$ of product and supplements at every visit). They are not "holistic" but are holistically minded in a lot of things, which is nice.

So good checkups for both dog and cat. Ruby is a svelte 103.7 lbs. She could stand to lose 5, but that should happen naturally this spring as we get out more.

She's definitely grown, as she was less than 85lbs when we got her in July 2015. She'll be 3 on Friday!

Carter the cat is doing great at 13 1/2. He needs his teeth cleaned for the first time.

Overall an excellent report and a good experience.

Bailey Boy

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It is such a relief when you find a vet you not only like but can trust to take care of your babies too. Glad your babies are both doing well.