Tips for First time newf owners.....


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For those looking for their first newfoundland.
try to find someone who is knowlegeable in the breed, someone who can show you what proper movement is, the correct alignment of the ears on the head, the correct eye type, the correct alignment of everything, including the hocks.
when you go looking for your newf, beware sites that only cater to those looking for beheameth newfoundlands.
read the breed standard found at the newfoundland club of america site.
proper weights are there.
write everything down.
YOU interview the breeder IN PERSON.
do not mail order your "first newf" sight unseen from the internet.
make sure you do your homework,is this expensive?
possibly, is the newf you are about to purchase expensive? probably.
is it worth the extra time and effort?
you bet it is.
many newfs in my area are crippled up due to irresponsible size orientated people breeding these guys way to tall and way to big.
do not buy a newf if you want a 170- 200 pound dog, rather buy a mastiff or a st. bernard. their breed standard is set for that size dog.
when we go over standard we are asking for nothing but problems.
i know i see it all the time here.
Write down questions, and bring a tablet and pen or pencil, have the breeder show you the certs and make sure the individual dogs name is on the cert.
if that breeder uses penn hip make sure you understand penn hip before you commit yourself.
You can find the site by typing penn hip into your search bar, read up on it.
A D-I number is apointed to each hip, they also check for cavitation and other things and there is a box for each one, if checked ask questions.
Remember, CHD is caused or accelerated by many things, including genetics, environment, diet, etc.....
Have the mamma to be gait for you, make sure she is healthy, check her over, have the breeder go over her with you so you can learn about gait and structure.
if the daddy to be is there do same with him.
be very careful out there guys.