The end of an era


This morning is the first day we have no dogs. Our fourth and last Newf Annie crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday morning, she lived twelve years and seven months. She had Cushings and was on daily medication for years, the Vet said it was unusual for a dog to live so long with it. We brought home our first Newf Cate twenty years and eight months ago and since that time we have had and lost four of them. Catie lived to be almost six, Rubie to fourteen years and Lester twelve. We were never lonely with at least one of them around and they kept us active. We were very popular out in public. It seems a Newfie in public makes friends out of strangers. Many people will tell you when it is time for them to go they will tell you. I never looked in their eyes and felt that, they want to get better but are unafraid of what comes next when they can't. Many people will tell you to let them go with dignity, I guess Annie did because she struggled but was able to walk into the Vet Clinic. Our vet examined her and said she was only a week or so from natural death which wouldn't have been as peaceful or painless. Losing a pet can hurt more than losing a Parent, probably because one feels like the cycle of life and somehow the other doesn't. Most of you probably understand the loss we are feeling this morning and all the routine that is now over. Annie's cremated remains will be home before the end of the week to join that of our other three in our home office. It sure is quite this morning without any pets roaming the house, we don't have any other pets. We don't know what comes next and are not as young as we used to be. We will not do anything until at least next year. My wife has already thought up a name if we ever decide we want another dog, if it's a girl CRLA (Carla). Catie, Ruby Lester and Annie. I feel ours have always named the next one by their actions that is why I picked Oliver if it is a boy because a Newfie always asks for more please. More treats, more food, more petting and belly rubs. Thank you friends for being here to read this.


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I am so sorry, it is never easy even though we have all been through losing a loved one many times. You gave her a lovely life.
time will tell when you find it in your heart to get another. Hugs.