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If any of you are interested, here is the page to search websites that list dogs as ofa certified, it is odd that i find a lot of sites do not put the full registered name of the dogs.
if you usually put in the kennel name than you will come up with most of the dogs bred by the kennel that are registered.
so say since we are new, and we are using both penn hip and ofa, our harborwinds wont be in there until our dogs turn 32 months. will be a bit yet, i plan on doing penny and tonka, as well as the penn hip already having been done on them.
but you get what i am saying?
type in topmast, or part of the registered name of a dog but the kennel name goes first.
several of us are researching and finding nothing of some who say they have ofa dogs.
i think it may be faulty or it may be picky about the registered name. http://www.offa.org/ofasrch.html
just a little FYI for those interested in studying up on this.
type in Ralees Winddancer, you will find the info, make sure you put the breed, the sex, and the dates you want to check, i usually go back to 1986 if i can on the first box and leave the other as is.
I have also been banned from a particular newf board, becouse i am posting facts and the owner does not like that.
it is sad there are some professing to be such well known newf breeders out there and profess to have ofa dogs, but they cannot be found in the database, Buyers BEWARE!!!!
ask questions, ask for certifications, find out what the actual cert, looks like and make absolutly sure the exact dogs name is on a certain cert.
many are sly and quick.
be also very wary of people bragging how tall and huge their newfs are, go to the Newfoundland Club of America website, find out all you can about the breed before you go searching.
than go to the NCA regional clubs page and find the regional club nearest you.
it is sad that some are so happy to ban others for simply stating facts.
i hope that newf net does not turn into that and continues to be a great site, that can share information and if things get a bit heated, that they either lock the thread and move on, but dont delete posts or ban people.
that is rediculous in my humble opinion.
it is a cruel world out there, with many striving to "LOOK" like they are so good at what they are doing when really they dont have a clue.
a side note, penn hip has a share list for breeders only. the list is not open to the public, but every time i get the updated list, there are the many owners on it, they do not go by kennel name but rather the owners name.