multiple stools a day


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My 8 month old newf puppy is on Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream, she is getting 4 cups daily per breeder instructions. She has a beautiful coat, no skin issues but she poops 4-5 times a day, they are normal and well formed. I talked with her breeder and she felt like this was excessive ( I've never had a dog that pooped more than twice a day). She suggested putting her on Fortiflora and see if that helps.BTW she is fed twice a day. Should I be worried or try changing her food?


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My little girl poops several times a day also...I think some newfs just poop on command...if I take her out to pee and I say go potty, that means to her oh I should poop here. She is two...


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Mine poops more than twice a day. It the stool firm or soft. You could have a fecal check along with a giardia test.
I second what Jeannie said, Ella had giardia around 5 months old and has soft bowel movements several times a day. After she was treated, her bowel movements went to two times a day and formed.