Moosiversary & Kimber's Birthday


Today is the one year anniversary of us getting Moose (our rescue) and is also Kimber's birthday (she is not a rescue). I want to celebrate and thank you folks. Thank you for your advice when we got moose, thank you to Moose's godmothers (the ones out in CA and NV and the one that went with Sharon to pick him up). Also thank you for the prayers and advice when Moose was so sick this year. He and Kimber are doing great! Thank you all.


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I'll be sure to tell Adrienne for you = ) I am glad for my small role in helping such a great dog get to such a great home. Happy Anniversary Moose!


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happy happy to them both.pretty cool to have it both on the same day.big smooches to them and lottso hugs from our gang


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Happy Birthday Kimber, and Happy "Moosiversary" to all of you. So glad to hear that Moose is doing so well now. Give them both hugs and treats from us.