Male newf selective behavior problems


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I'm looking for any advice or info I can find on this topic.
I have a 13 month old male newf puppy. He's always had a strong
personality but has never been aggressive. His name is Mason and he's
not neutered yet. I am the one that is his constant companion. My husband
and daughter love and care for him as well but he's always with me. We've done
obedience classes. Currently doing intermediate obedience training. Lately Mason has become absolutely unruly in the evenings when we are all home
He will run wide open through the house. He is almost frantically trying to misbehave for example :) he will pounce on Boston terrier, grab socks out of laundryroom, jump up on counter and try to take food all in a matter of 5 minutes. This evening he barked relentlessly in my husband's face. Mason also
was grabbing his pantleg and pulling/ biting his jeans. However the minute I leave the room and go upstairs he stops all bad behavior and lays down. Why is he only doing this when I'm in the room


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Well he is obviously going through a teenage stage. If/when you get him neutered, that may help some.

However, you have the perfect tool for discouraging this behavior. Just leave the room every time he acts up. If you want to try a command, use something like "that's enough" or "stop it", then get up and leave immediately. If he settles, come back in, but be prepared to repeat your actions over and over until he gets the message. It will take many, many repetitions, but he will get it eventually if you don't give up too soon (google "extinction bursts" so you understand the importance of not giving up too soon. That's where we humans usually fail). And once he understands, you will have a command that will help control this behavior when you're not at home.

I suspect he is trying to get your attention and he is very successful if you respond other than leaving the room. This is not really unusual behavior and it may or may not be a phase, but it's apparent that he is devoted to you and wants your constant attention. But if you leave, he will eventually associate this with denial of attention. DON'T GET ANGRY, BUT BE PATIENT and DON'T GIVE UP.

So try this and see if you start to get results within a few weeks.
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^^Everything that Jane said.

My girl is 2.5 and she's the same way, but getting better. She challenges me more than anyone else.

She also gets really really nutty in the evenings - we call it the zoomies. It's worse if she doesn't get enough exercise. Is your guy getting a good evening walk? I'd try taking him for a good walk/play session just before everyone gets home so he's good and tired. A tired dog is a good dog.


Brandie makes a good point about exercise. Even at 6, if Dublin misses his half hour evening walk two days in a row due to thunderstorms, he starts zooming around the house like a puppy.


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Ditto Jane and Brandie. Everyone of mine had an attack of the "Zoomies" and it always seemed to be around 8 in the evening. Exercise will help...'a tired dog is a happy dog" But Jane's advice is spot on and be prepared for it to last awhile. Don't quit too soon.

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Jane always gives good advise.... but I also found that my youngster needs brain stimulation and before she gets up to mischief, I tire her out mentally... we play dog puzzles, which she loves. No amount of physical exercise can tire her out like they do... Urshie is very clever and I find the clever dogs have this need for being busy. She loves all her puzzles and even just doing one settles her down. I also do short bursts of training with her that require her to do more thinking, not endless heeling, but getting on boxes and balancing and retrieving items and doing searches... she loves finding my keys or phone and picking up all the dog bowls (5)... She has been totally different from my other dogs, very high energy and I need to use that energy. And using her brain tires her more than just going for walks or such..........Simple puzzle is a muffin tin with plastic cups and hiding kibble for the dog to find. I have proper dog puzzles, try google


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Gave me a chuckle, my Zeke was just like this. He's currently 9 yrs old. It is a phase. I could not handle the spitting in my face, my solution was teaching him tricks. They are smart and so eager to learn (once you let them get out some energy) They don't like to be bored so make him think and work. Best trick I ever taught was to WHISPER. Since I hated the spitting and yelling in my face. Once he completed his nightly tricks, we'd play a good game of hide and seek outside to get out the zoomies & we'd both get a good nights sleep :) Enjoy these times, don't be frustrated, before you know it you'll get a chuckle out of some else posting the same thing.