Laughlin’s time


Laughlin will be crossing the bridge in a few hours. The vet is coming to our house, and he will be in his own back yard, with his favourite stuffies amd of course me holding him.
His legs and his body have been failing badly in the last two weeks, and it is so hard for him to move or even stand up.
My heart is breaking and I am so grateful that Newf Net is here where I know all of you will understand.
Please keep us in your thoughts.


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My heart is breaking for you. Give him a hug from me and let him know that there will be many “family members” waiting for him.


My heart aches for you. So sorry for your loss but glad for the many happy memories you have together.


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The hardest part of loving them 😢 May your heart be filled with the joyful & happy moments you shared together.