heat question


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i have a question, sadie is in her 2nd heat cycle.. started bleeding last monday.. she has been quite moody this time around... today would be day 10 and shes still pretty antisocial and cranky. not her usual self... how long does this last for ? the personality change? her first cycle was not like this very light and not to cranky...


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Each bitch is different. I keep mine confined for 4 weeks. Most cycles are about 3 wks., but Jill was one to be fertile on day 21. We'd have had an 'oops litter' if I'd followed the 3 wk. rule. Unless, you plan to spring for expensive progesterone testing to find out her fertile time, I'd err on the side of caution and keep her confined for a month - never off leash.

I've not seen crankiness in mine, but others have. If mine show a personality change it would be that they get a bit clingy...