Finding the right Dry food


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OK so I've read quite a bit on here and just wanted to double check some things. Because I will own a newfie one day :) and I want to do the best i can for it. I also know to not just switch the pup but make a gradual change.

Newfie pups shouldn't go on puppy food ever????if that's not right how long about should they be on it and what kinds or food should they be on.
Is large breed puppy food a good option at all?? Iams has a large breed puppy food with a st bernard on the front....implying it's good for giant breeds.....

Also I've read many people like pro plan dog food, what one? the large breed adult one???

Is there any options that would be in big chain stores like walmart?? I'm pretty remote but have a Walmart fairly close, I will ship in if I have to just wanted to see if any of those options were ok like Purina, pedigree, iams, ol Roy.... lol doubting the last one

I know opinions will vary but just wanted all the opinions from experienced owners.


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While you are researching dog foods before you get your Newf check out the raw feeding sites. You post mentioned that you are remote from regular stores but are you remote from farms or ranches where you could access locally raised meat?

The Raw CO-OP that we belong to goes to farms and ranches that sell for human consumption and buy their ends and trim pieces for dogs. If you know any hunters/fishers in your area you could take their venison, elk, etc., trim pieces and organs too. My dogs eat whole fish too.


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I live on a farm and have a husband, father, uncles, brothers, that all hunt but the meat wouldn't be consistent it would be seasonal..... and with kids I'm looking for a quality food I don't have to make because I'm not sure if I would have the time to make food for a Newfie and my human family. :)
But will look into it thanks shellyk


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Wow! That is going to be a lucky Newf! The key to making raw food work for us is a freezer! We have a dedicated one on our back patio just for the dogs. For us we order in bulk and fill up the freezer then we defrost as much as we need for a couple of days or a week. I have heard that you can feed a dog for quite a while on a deer or elk carcass. They will eat almost all of it...heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, bones and any meat that the humans don't want. You could fill up your freezer when the meat is available. I won't kid you though, raw feeding is more work than kibble. I don't know if I could have done it when my kids were still at home. We didn't get our Newfs until we were empty nesters. If I had limited time then I would use my quality Newf time on training, playing and grooming.


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Good for you for doing your research!

The puppy food is a no - even large breed. Those people are marketing....doesn't mean it's right. ;-)

With a giant breed, you want them to grow slowly. Puppy food of any variety has too much protein and they can grow way too fast. So stick with adult food. If you choose a reputable breeder, they should be able to recommend a good quality food for you to start with. I have heard many use Pro Plan.

There are tons of options if you choose to use kibble and not raw. But most chain stores like Walmart are not going to carry any of those. Lots of places (like Amazon) will do automatic shipments for you and you can get good foods that way.

But it sounds like you may have a wonderful source for raw feeding. As shelly said, a freezer is key. If you're using to dealing with game, you won't have to "make" anything - just freeze in the correct quantities and you're done.

Read through the ingredients of those brands you listed. Most do not have whole proteins as the main source. Instead they have "meal" and lots of fillers. Some even have corn and other byproducts. Yuck.

Look for a food with whole proteins as the first ingredient and no corn. But again, your breeder should guide you. Look through the breeder FAQ's here for more info on that.


Feeding raw is great for those who can do it, however we feed our 2 Fromm and have had no issues. Our Ruby crossed the bridge at 14 years. We currently have 2 eating Fromm a 9yr. and 6yr. And all is well.

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We feed proplan and have always fed purina products, did the food roller coaster ride several years ago buying "better" food but after months of ear, skin and poo issues we just went back to what was working for us for both our dogs and cats too. (well we never switched the cats over)

I personally have never fed large breed formula to mine, in looking at the ingredients and what I wanted for mine never felt the need too.