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I have decided to sell my carts and harnesses. I have three Nordkyn Outfitters Si-wash cart harnesses. Here is a link to the page that shows the harnesses. All harnesses have the super plush padding and includes the traces. the black harness has the quick release for the shafts. I never used them because I think they make the cart too sloppy.

I have one turquoise that measures on side 15 inches, so the neck opening is 30 inches. I used this one for Chase who is about 100 lbs.

I have ond black harness that is a bit bigger than the one listed above. I'd say the neck opening is 31 inches. I used this one on Samantha who was about 115-120 lbs.

I have a red harness that measures 17 inches on one side so the neck opening is 34 inch opening. I used it on Panda who was about 140 lbs. This harness is missing the back belly band. I never used it so it does not effect how the harness works.

The price of each harness will be $40 including shipping to the US.

I also am selling my carts. Each cart has a single tree. I have used this cart in competition. It can easily fit a team if you off-set the shafts. I'll look for a photo of my team and post is later. Here is a link to the carts for sale. They are the ones with the sideboards. If you scroll down you will see the different colors. I have one with red sideboards and one with black sideboards. The carts will be $200 each. If you want us to pack and ship it the cost will be $50 to pack it plus shipping costs. I'd estimate the shipping to be $100-$150 since there are 2 boxes. (It is a lot of work to pack these, we use to ship them all the time. We would have to purchase all the packing material and boxes)

Questions can be sent to dog @ poochparlor . com (remove spaces) or call me at 937-548-6287

Below is a photo of Adam giving some kids a ride in the red cart
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