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  • That is very Kool. How did you see the litter from birth, were you in Germany ? Gerda is truly amazing . Were do you live and how many dogs do you have ?
    I live in Long Island and also have a 6 yr old Berniese mountain dog.
    What a small world. Yep Typhoon is Lulu's brother. I got to watch them from 1 day old until they came home. Lulu was and is such a little sweetheart. Gerda is a fantastic breeder and friend. Typhoon is now just a little over 7months old. He is weighting in at 110lbs now. He pretty much is as big as Tsunami our 1 year old. They are best of buds.
    Just wanted to say welcome and ask if you got Lulu from Gerda in Saarbrucken? We know a puppy went to NY the day before we picked up Typhoon and Lulu sure does look familiar. It would be so cool if we are "related"
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