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  • Save the full image to your desktop then click Quick Links Then click Edit options and then Edit avatar.Click Browse and go to desktop and double click on your image and it will upload click save and your done.You can do it. :)
    I don't know what I did. I had one of my friends at work put it on. I'll ask him what he did when I see him.
    I really don't know what I did. I had one of my friends at work put it on. I will ask him how he did it.
    Hi Tammy I just seen your avatar & it's only 150x150.The one I made is 250x250.
    Did you want it smaller or did you not save the file and upload it full size?
    It looks great but you can make it larger or if you like it just leave it.:)
    I have just posted a Smilebox in the Camera thread.......Maybe now you can see some of my pictures :) Ronnie
    Hi Daisy, I want to tell you how very very much I loved my Secret Santa gifts. Your people Mom was so wonderful to tell Santa to send so many wonderful things. Santa even included my spoiled brothers and my non furry parents in the haul.. They loved their Rules tapestry, they live by those golden rules. Hope you and your family had a very wonderful Christmas. I appreciate the toys but my evil Newf brother Brinkley has stolen and hidden most everything he could steal from me. My Mom and Dad are still trying to teach the spoiled devil child to share , especially things that do not belong to him, however , you know how rotten spoiled these Newfys are and his favorite and most used word is "mine mine mine"

    thank you again so very very much - you are very blessed to have such a wonderful
    human Mom.

    Jacob , sweetest brother to Brinkley and Darby
    Yes I have the same problem at work, cannot see pics. have to do that from home when i have time, Sorry you are missing out on one cute pupster :)
    I figure you cannot see my pictures? Can you see them when you use the webshot link in my signature, because that is where they all are. I must put some in the album, just haven't had much time on the computer. Spring is a very busy time here at home, Ronnie
    That is amazing. That has to be our neighbor that has 2 pyrs, Hattie and Maggie (mom and daughter pyrs). Newf Net sure shrinks the world! Hope you guys had a good day at Woofstock! We should totally do a playdate!
    Hey Peanut, was nice meeting you. Sorry we had to leave early from the get together but we had a long drive to the next place we were suppose to be. Are you going to go to Duluth?
    My blog site is: -- hope you enjoy it!
    Hope to see you again soon.
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