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  • Hi Jason,

    I just sent a couple messages to the people who have contacted us. I will send them your contact information as soon as I hear back!

    Hang in there, I know this is not a simple decision or easy to do.
    If it's possible to pass on my info that would be fantastic. The other option was closer to Seattle which is just not going to work.

    My email is knie0012@umn.edu
    phone: 907-317-5677

    Appreciate the help.
    Nope, the dogs don't need life jackets but the people most definitely do. ;)

    See you Sunday!

    Do the dogs need life jackets on Sunday? We have never had them swimming and we didn't know if that was required. Would hate to make the trip only to find that out too late. Just let me know.

    Thanks so much,

    Are there any other NN members that belong to SCNC or that regularly attend? It will be so nice to meet everyone in person. We are really looking forward to this first outing with other Newfies!

    Hi Pam!

    I hope you do come, we are really looking forward to a fun day with our Newfies! Just bring any dish that works well for a summer picnic. The Club is providing the hamburgers and hot dogs, brats, and whatever else Kelly Davis pulls together. He's are grill master and does an excellent job. ;)


    We are planning to try to attend the SCNC Newfie FUN Day/Water Tadpole Training on Sunday. Didn't know what was on the menu or if you have any suggestions for what we should bring. We are very excited and hope that we get to meet many newfs and their owners along with NN members.

    Pam Adkins
    Hi susan, its Tina. I was wondering what kind if meds u have lou on, reagan has mild hip dyplasia. Sue Lynn hooked me up with a chiroprator to see if that will help. I thought u might have some great advice. Thanks
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