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  • To my very special friends Alene and Bindi.
    Abbey, Zeke and I send you two Lots of Warm Hugs and Best Wishes for a New and Fabulous 2009. Merry Chrismas!
    Sent with tons of Newfie Love!
    Not a problem, I had a blast picking the stuff out. Actually I found this great site online that has fantastic prices and the best stuff!!! Check it out. http://www.dog.com/ Thanks to it we really didn't go much over what we were supposed to spend. We just got to have a lot more fun!!! It was really easy since everyone on our list said they wanted the same things. LOL So glad she likes them!!! Of course Beau sends geat big XOXOX right back to her!!!
    Well, I didn't have any plans for Halloween until Bindi decided to be a princess. Now Abbey wants to be one too! :nod: The little copy cat. So I guess it's off to Petco to check out their costumes. Maybe I can find some udders for Zeke and he can be a cow. :whistling:
    Did Bindi change her mind about beng a cat for Halloween? I'm thinking she'd rather go as a Princess!
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