While I was busy....


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So I'm busy reading GAD's Don't Buy a Newfie post. And Ruby comes in carrying a very tasty prize.

I'd just taken the giblets and neck packet out of a chicken to boil and left them in the sink.:oops:

Apparently she got them out of the sink. :devil3: :nono:

The package was dragged around the whole kitchen, so I just got to mop my entire kitchen with bleach. :run::tequila:

Maggie was a counter surfer, but NEVER a sink diver!


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She could be a pal of Tiki's.....he went shrimp sink diving once, as I recall :) Think he left one for ma & pa, stinker that he is! Landseer's are sneaky and always require that eye in the back of your head! You didn't here her scream LUNCH! lol


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Ella has just started to counter surf... she used to knock things off the counter, which made a loud noise, and end up in her not getting it. now.. she puts her paws up the counter and eats it off the counter. More quiet that way..... She ate a whole Delissio pizza last week. She is now 11 months.. hopefully she won't figure out that she can reach down the sink!