Tsunami & Typhoon Christmas 2010


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What a perfect day to play in the snow. The sun was slightly peaking through the clods. A little chilly, but oh so warm inside just getting to see the bears plowing through the snow after not seeing them for months.

All alone in the back yard.

I'll keep a lookout Typhoon...you keep digging to China.

One of my favorite poses Tsunami always does. He looks so peaceful.

Just call me Mr. Grumpy pants.

Let the Games Begin.

Easy Bro! Watch the muzzle.

You asked for it...You got it!

My what big teeth you have Tsunami...

What is it about Newfies covered in snow but still looking so Hot!

My all time favorite Tsunami pose...Such a deep and intense stare.

This is Tsunami's postcard picture for all his pals.

Typhoon imitating Santa Claus.

Oh you don't want to go there...

Are you sure...Okay...lets get ready to rumble...

Ha ha...fooled ya...

There are more pics on my Facebook page, but these where some of my favorites. Many it was so much fun playing with Tsunami and Typhoon. Makes a heart full of joy. There is absolutely positively no way anyone could ever convince me that Newfies are to much to handle...to much work...to big. These Gentle Giants are just what the doctor orders for....


Merry Christmas Newf.Net!


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Beautiful!!! My goodness Ty is growing up so quickly.
Merry Christmas!! To the entire fam.. Merry Christmas!


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yahoooo yippeeeeeeeeee to ya!!!!!!! what fun you guys had!!!!!1 great shots Eric..thanks for taking the time to share the moments


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Super pictures, they are both so special, so handsome and so lucky to live at your house. Merry Christmas to all of you and I too thank you for the job you do and the family that helps you do it. It is greatly appreciated in our home.


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I didn't realise how much I missed their pics till you posted them today. Thanks soooo much for taking time out of your precious Christmas time to do that.


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fabulous pics......WE DONT USUALLY TAKE A VACATION WHEN ITS WINTER HERE BUT ONE THING IVE NOTICED IN MY SHORT TIME SO FAR ON THS forum is just how much the dogs love the snow so definatley gonna take a break next winter and drive the four hours to the nearest snow field......


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Awesome pictures. A Newf can never be to much work, the joy they bring makes everything worth while.


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These pics completely warmed my heart. I can't tell you how much I love the "mr.grumpy pants" one!!!