Tsunami turns 2


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Happy Birthday you big ol' crazy Newf! Our 1st introduction to Newfdom turned 2 years old today. He has completely Newfwashed us into anything he wants. He is such a joy to be around and such a love when times are tuff.

Me and Typhoon just chillin by the lake.

But the kids are over there Dad!

He's a sucker for the girls. Tsunami with our oldest daughter, Hannah.

Tsunami with our second oldest daughter, Leisha.

Tsunami with Noelle our 4th daughter.


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A very Happy Birthday Tsunami, many more- and by the way you better learn how to keep those boys at bay. Going to be lots of them around your girls.


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Tsunami you are one hunk o' Newf! I think my heart went flippity flop! :) Your pups are gorgeous and your daughters are stunning. Beautiful, beautiful happy family.


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Wow! With every picture, it was "that's a great picture!" And then there'd be the next one and it was "Wow! That's a great picture!" Happiest of birthdays to such a beautiful boy!

R Taft

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:groovy: :music: Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu :music: Happy Birthday to youuuuuu:music: Happy Birthday Dear Tsunamiiiiiiiiii :music: Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :music: :groovy:

:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: from Girlfriend Annabelle and :kiss: from Tessa and :kiss: from Katy
Big :hugs: from Ronnie