I have been looking into applying for membership from the NCA and have started the process of looking for a sponsor. The breeder who I recently bought Ella from will count as one sponsor, but I still need 1 more. I was thinking of calling reputable breeders in my area and start building relationships with them or maybe going to some shows in the NYC area to network with breeder who would possibly sponsor me in the next year. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about finding sponsors? Thanks so much.

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Going to shows is a good idea especially if you are planning on showing your pup in the future. Maybe your breeder can find another sponsor for you. There are not a lot of shows for the winter in the NY area, so you may have to wait for Spring. Check InfoDog for the show calendar.
Thanks for leading me in the right direction. I applied for membership from New-Pen-Del club. I was even able to find a a breeder to sponsor me. This breeder was someone who spent a lot of time talking to me when I first started researching the possibility of owning a Newf. I ended up not buying a dog from her and she still offered her assistance and sponsorship to me. I think this says a lot about her breeding practices. She seems totally focused on educating people on the breed and isn't in it for the money. Hopefully I can get involved on a local level with the Newf community and do some volunteer work for the breed. Thanks again for the advice, I think joining a Regional club is a good place to start.


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Wonderful!! New-Pen-Del is a great club. You will meet many helpful people and your quest for your Newf is off to a great start.
Yea, my application to New Pen Del was accepted and I'm starting my 30 day trial period. I'm really looking forward to being part of this organization and getting more involved in the breed. I feel so privileged to be a part of a group that has so much experience and love for these wonderful dogs. Now it's time to really step up Ella's training so she can make me look good at events lol.