Snowboarding (small prayers)


This weekend my son wiped out snowboarding and broke part of the shoulder joint on the humerus. Prayers requested that it all works out (he is at the ortho docs right now). He is fine (and a tad frustrated) but I think his rowing season is going to take a major major hit. Thanks much.


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Adding my strength of healing needslist today. Hugs..and remember your emotional 'hit' you worry about his treatments and recovery. He will be getting the best of care..and you must not let this spiral you you worry about him. Best from here..ina n HB


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Been through that! My son Tim was 11 at the time - skate board - broke his lower arm near the elbow. 1 surgery, 6 casts, and 10k later he is fine!

I hope all goes well.


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sending prayers your way. my son also snowboards and you would not believe the kids they have to take off the hill hurt. it is very hard on the arms and shoulder.


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Thanks everyone. We're back from the orthopedics guy. Apparently that piece of bone breaks off when you tear your rotator cuff. We have an MRI scheduled for late Wednesday night. Right now they think it will heal without surgery.

Poor kid is snakebit. Last year he broke his ankle two weeks before the races began and now this.

Hopefully he can keep the rest of him in shape enough that his season isn't a total wash. They've been training since mid-November.


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Ouch! Hope he can get by without surgery. Our daughter's boyfriend completely tore his rotator cuff and required extensive surgery combined with many months of rehab, to get it working right again. Still can't pitch a baseball as well as he once did.

Give your son a hug from us, and tell him we're thinking of him.


John and I tore our rotator cuffs at about the same time, John had the surgery, I opted not to have it. I healed much faster than John did (obviously, but he did have his surgery almost immediately after the injury) I believe I also have more range of motion in that shoulder than John does. I hope that your son is able to heal without the surgery. Sending prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery.


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We go this afternoon to finally find out what the MRI says. At the first visit the doctor was saying to let it heal on its own but what we've read and almost everyone we've talked to said it's better to get the surgery. We're all nervous.

To top it off we're heading into a doozy of an IEP meeting with the school tomorrow. Art thinks there's a good chance we'll end up in due process Yuck! Can't put what he needs in the iep because it would add job requirements on the teachers and that involves the union AARGH!

It seems to me it should be simple that when a kid does their homework they get credit for it then and not have to show it again a couple of weeks later to get the credit. I've got 20 something assignments he did and he only got credit for 1 which dropped his grade a whole letter grade. RANT!

I know a whole lot of people are a whole lot worse off but prayers for us today would be appreciated greatly! You guys are the best. Thanks for listening.

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Prayers coming from here. Unfortunately not all school districts use common sense. We went the whole IEP route with one of our daughters. Everytime I would go to a meeting they would have all these great ideas they were going to implement, I'd go to the next meeting and ask why it wasn't done (after complaining to teachers the rest of the year)
and I'd get...."Shannon didn't want to". Hello you are the adults not Shannon. She doesn't want to get up and come to school but isn't given a choice!" It was sooo frustrating. We ended up moving back to Fisher where we knew they used common sense and carried through.