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Hi Everyone,
My brown male will be 10 this year. He's doing great, no issues, but I try to keep his weight down. Since he's not as active as he was when he was younger, I'm looking for a lower calorie and or fat, food that is still really healthy for him. I had him on Orijen when he was younger but he would put on weight so I went to other things through the years. I see that Orijen makes a food for seniors that has 15% fat. I was wondering if any of you have tried this and how it worked for your dogs? I would appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thank you!


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I never changed food as my newfs got older. I just fed them less if they started to gain some weight. Exercise if very important for an older newf. It can help keep their rear end strong. Losing muscle in their rear end is very common as they get older. My 14 yr old was able to get up until I just new it was time. My girl who lived to 13 1/2 yrs old never had a problem getting up. I feel exercise and watching their weight was helpful. I fed my dogs Taste of the Wild. I don't have any newfs now but I had them for 24 years.
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I also never changed their food as they got older. Most of my Newfs over the years have lived to be between 11 years and 14 years.