Scored Sockeye Salmon


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I belong to a Neighborhood Website (like FB) but mostly just local news and events. A woman was advertising Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon that she got from the fishery where she works. A couple of people wanted a couple of cans...I got 3 cases of 24 cans each. It is beautiful dark orange/red with skin, bones and just water added. I am really tempted to go back and get some more. I am feeding it mainly to our male that needs to loose weight. He has other food intolerances so opening a can of this for him is super easy! I was almost embarrassed to tell her I was going to feed it to our animals when she mentioned that she fed it to her chickens. Those have got to be some healthy eggs!


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Dawn, Vital Choice sells an 8 oz. bottle of sockeye oil. It's for humans and is a ton more pricey than the pet oil they sold years ago. I contacted them and they've no plans to restock the pet oil so I bite the bullet and buy this stuff from time to time. They also sell capsules which are a lot cheaper on Amazon than through VC. Dr. Mercola sells the exact same capsules made by Vital Choice. They label it as Virgin Salmon Oil, but if you read the label it's made by VC. Mercola's can also be purchased through Amazon.