Sadie Turns 11 Years Old


It's been many years since I last visited this forum but wanted to share Sadie's story and present condition here where I know many will identify with.
In 2010 my wife lost our second baby so we gave up on the idea of having our own children. What would happen afterward was not expected. We had no idea the impact our fury baby would make on our lives.

One December day in 2010 Rosa and I were at a mall. We often frequented a pet store there that sold dogs and cats so it was always fun to check out. We had never owned a dog or cat so it never entered our mind. That changed the day we saw this little black furball with four paws playing in the window. We knew nothing about Newfoundlands. We knew nothing about AKC. We knew nothing about breeding businesses. We only knew how that furry obnoxious ball of fur made us feel in the moment. We took her home that day.

I spent many hours reading up on giant breed dogs and Newfoundlands in particular. That's how I found this forum so long ago which was helpful but also frustrating for me as I sometimes felt targeted as the bad guy for buying a dog from a mall. I know many were concerned when I showed photos of Sadie playing with my children or if she was not brushed properly. Social media is a horrible way to communicate at times so I left the group and figured the rest out on my own.

Sadie has had a wonderful life and is an amazing part of my family. There have been scares, trust me. She swallowed corn on the cob and had to have it surgically removed. I was a wreck! Thankfully, the procedure was without incident and she recovered very quickly. We had a NO CORN ON THE COB EVER rule from that point on.

Our family was featured on The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC a couple of years ago and Sadie made one of the commercials! Here is the link: Great Christmas Light Fight

Sadie loved running next to me as I rode a bike. We would usually do almost a mile. She never once crashed me and was so good and holding her lines. She loved playing with the kids as well and was well-mannered with other dogs for the most part. She mostly loves the smaller dogs but did play so well during a beach trip to Santa Barbara which is where I saw the first signs of something wrong.

In the last couple of months, I noticed Sadie slowing down. I know she is 11 but she has always acted like a pup. Her hips were really bothering her. I gave her hip rubs almost every day and as she loves them. She was getting really slow on walks which is okay but I was becoming concerned. Then her eyes were gunking up and that was peculiar. She just had blood work a few months back and the doctor thought she would probably live several more years. When I took her back he thought it could be allergies so Zirtec and eye drops to the rescue. Neither helped after two weeks so back we went. Nothing out of the ordinary showed up but an x-ray was suggested. This was the day my heart sank. She had a large tumor in her lung. It really hit me and I could start to see why things that were so easy a week prior but not so easy today. She was not able to jump in the back of the SUV so I had to help her. We have a ramp but have never used it.

Today, Sadie is still with us and making the best of it. I have to help her stand if she is laying on the hard floor so she can go potty or get food and water. She still has an appetite but not as it was. She is not in pain and the coughing is intermittent. Soon, we will get cough medicine if it persists, and it will. I have ordered a runner for the hallway entrance to see if that makes it easier for her to stand up. I do not feel she is ready just yet. She has never whimpered her entire life but she does moan when she is bothered - mostly by the girls playing upstairs. She has always been their second mother. Sadie has a grooming appointment this Wednesday so looking forward to her being pampered. She loves the grooming sessions.

Thanks for listening. I'll post if anything changes.




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Awe thank for the update on Sadie. Sorry to hear she has a tumor in her lungs. Enjoy the time you have left with her and take lots of photos. As long as she has good quality of life she if fine. You can get a Help em up harness that will make it much easier for you to get her up and more comfortable for her. She will let you know when it is time. Sorry about your bad experience here when you first got her.


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So sorry to hear about your precious girl. These dogs are so amazing. It seems they never complain until it's really bad. And then one day they just seem to struggle and you get that sick feeling inside.

I hope her days are filled with joy and I know she knows she is loved.


Thank you for the good wishes. We have Lap of Love coming Monday afternoon to assess and we will decide then if she is to transition. The coughing is worse and she is unable to stand. I am heavily conflicted. She is still eating some and will drink a lot of water. She has meds for nighttime to help with the coughing. I've had to pick her up and carry her to the back lawn to help her go potty but now that doesn't work so we have her on towels on her crate pan and make her as comfortable as possible. She seems to want to stay outside now and lay on the grass. This is not typical for her but if what I read is true then she may be preparing. I do not know if she is in significant pain but her heart rate seems high and while we enjoy our long stares with love I get a sense she is ready to move on. I don't want to say goodbye. I don't want her to be in pain. So conflicted.


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So hard for you but she probably knows when it is time. Sending love and hugs to you all.


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It is hard when you are not sure what to do. She will tell you and you need to listen to what she wants. What did Lap of Love say? My prayers are with you during this hard time.


Haven't been on this site in awhile myself. Sorry you are going through this with your girl. I am going through a cancer related issue with with my girl as well and the deciding what to is gut wrenching. I hope you were able to make a decision that you were comfortable with.