Rudy goes Camping


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DH wanted to take one last camping trip to the mountains before the snow starts to fall. So for the last trip of the year, It was just the boys!

It was a gorgeous weekend,

And Rudy was ready for the challenge!

This trip was full of firsts.........First time on the sand,

first time in the water,

first time trying to climb on big rocks,

And then realizing you need a little help.

Getting the zoomies on the beach,

And playing, "catch me if you can" with Dad!

Lounging by a campfire,

And sleeping on the couch in the camper.

Rudy loved his first trip. Next time we go to the mountains, Rudy will get to meet Mr. Snow! He's VERY excited!!!



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I just love these pictures. Looks like he had a lot of firsts with his daddy. Thanks for sharing!


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Your trip with Rudy looks beautiful, serene, and enjoyable. I want a trip like that. My last one included our camper losing power due to a lightning strike which gave us all a heart attack, 2 long distance trips to Wal-Mart for a battery then again for a trickle charge needed to keep the battery from draining, my Newfie breaking two separate wire tie outs and chasing squirrels throughout the campground subsequently freightening a few campers and a heatwave setting in. That was the last straw. I packed up my 2 dogs and went home halfway through my "vacation."


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Looks like ya'll had a great time, love all the firsts, it's so neat to watch them explore, learn and take it all in.


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Oh my goodness, he is so adorable - looks like you all had a great time. Rudy will be looking forward to many more camping adventures to come....