puppy litter


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A friend of mine is looking into getting a Newfie as well. He called a breeder that had a litter of puppies where only 5 out of 9 in the litter survived. That sounds like a lot of puppies to not have survived. Is this common during birthing (or I guess whelping)?


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Hi alvaraz
many things can happen to a litter.
they are most vulnerable when they are in the process of being born, and than again the first 36-48 hours after.
many many many variables are included, and it is not a gaurantee that every pup will make it.
there are books out there on breeding that can help you to understand the vulnerabilities, and the things that can happen, it may be a good idea for those with questions to read up on the subject.
sorry for the loss this breeder suffered.


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I believe the puppies were lost either shortly after birth or during the day after. It made my heart sad
I've heard of puppies not surviving, but we weren't sure if that was an unusually high number. Thank you for educating us.