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Eliot, Maine, Piscataqua Boat Basin, Route #103, Maine Street.

They will be held this year on 9/21 - 22, 2013.

We will have:

Carting and Water demos
Rescue demos
Health and Wellness info
Rally Obedience demo
Professional Portraits
Brown bag raffles

We have been sending out postcards to all that have signed up in the past. However, NCNE has taken us under their wing, so that if you are an NCNE member, you will not get a postcard reminder. NCNE will be doing mailings, etc. This helps immensely so that it saves our Newfie Fun Days money, and it allows us to donate more money to the various rescue committees.

Hope to see you there! I will be at the raffle tables both days.

If you are not on our list and NOT a member of NCNE, please forward me your name, snail mail addy.



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Lulu and Juno will be coming but since Lili and Furghus can't come along it will be only a one day cameo visit. Which day do you recommend?


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Perfect, Sue! Getting there and back will be easier, too, since we still have heavy weekend traffic to and from the Cape until Columbus Day. I'll be "swimming with the tide," so to speak.


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Fun indeed!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Sue and all the volunteers who made this past weekend one of the most low-key, non-competitive (except for raffles, of course), fun Newfie immersion events! It's permanently going to be a MUST for us in the coming years.

From the hosts (all volunteers) to the vendors, the demonstrators, the photographer, energy workers, food concession and all who put their Newfie-sized hearts into assuring a totally fun weekend.....BRAVO!

I finally got to meet Traveler, AngusMcDubhsMom's mischievious boy, who has the CUTEST face ever and visit briefly with Anne (so much to do, so little time.) Loved on one of my favorite boys; long tall Sam, while Sue manned the awesome raffle table. I made some new real friends of people I have only met in the virtual world and enjoyed all the activities, the Newfs and the people who love this breed.

I was able to share my 2 Newfs with women who had each lost a Newf-girl last winter. One took Lulu and the other took Juno. Which allowed me to handle Lili, my nervous GSD who otherwise would have not been able to go. Some healing of broken hearts happened on the other end of the leash, and both women are eventually preparing to seek out their next Newf pup, when the timing is right for them. My Newfs really enjoyed being someone's loving one and only for the 2 days, too. Win-win!!!!

I'm blocking the dates already for next year's 19th Annual Newfie Fun Days. If you like fall in New England, it's a Must Do event!
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