Morgan due to have puppies....


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I'm an OB nurse and we do guessing games all the time with human babies. How exciting...
O.K., here goes: Feb 16th
9 puppies
6 Landseer, 3 Black
7 males, 2 females


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WELL,, I guess Morgan should be having the puppies anyday now. (Sunday by my prediction) Was just looking for an update, how shes doing, how big has she gotten?

Maggie, JoJo, Alex, & Destiny too


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Morgan is having her babies now and I've only just stumbled across this thread! I really have to venture out from 'general discussion!'

Anyway, my guesses (if not too late) -

7 puppies
4 black & 3 Landseer

I'm too late to guess the date!


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Oh bummer!
did anyone guess all landseer?
some of you had the number right, there were 9 and that is what i originally told my friends!
i tried going thru, but we will have to see who had the most right on all the questions together!