Long Time No Check In

Sitting in a bar having a few beers, and for some reason this forum came to mind. "Grandma" is pushing 98 has dementia/ alzheimers pretty much wheel chair bound at a assisted living facility. I have stayed dogless.
I do get a regular Newf fix since my friends has 3, the black sweety Rose in back being one of the 44 rescued from Michigan She is still a very shy emotionaly broken girl to most humans.
I am one she may approach for a treat and she will walk with me on lead ok. I generally go check on and take the dogs out once a month when they have to see a human specialist for a medical issue in STL. The brown and while Thor is 11 to 12 and the black and white Rocky is a bit over 2...both foster failures. The cat was a stray/ferrel that warmed up to Thor outside, and soon became a inside cat and enjoys the dog family. Thor licks Augiecat...drowns with drool on a regular basis.
The second picture is 130+ pound Rocky being a lap dog Easter Sunday.
Guess I better get up and walk home.


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What a lovely surprise to see you here. Very sorry to hear about your Mum. Very few people come by here now, Facebook seems to have taken over. I still have 2 Newfs, Mowgli 10 years and Splash is 5 years, both male. Will you not get another Newf ever?
Hi Angela. Hehe, I quit doing most Facebook too. I have no FB friends by choice, I don't do timeline stuff, and only do a few local area history groups, local business and organizations on FB.
Till I know I can provide a furever home, I won't get a pet. I live in my Mom's house. When she dies I will move somewhere. I don't want this big old house I grew up in. Where? That is unknown to me....city, house, apartment. Pets might not be allowed and I don't want to have to worry about a pet in a big move. Also after slipping on the ice back in 2008 walking Snuffles, I am paranoid about walking on snow and ice. I really need a fenced area. Will it be a Newf, if i get a dog, who knows? But it will be a large breed dog in need of a home.
My neighbor's in the next block GSD stays with me now and then. So I do get a dog fix. So she uses alot of Snuffles things like crate, feeder, and beds She visits Mom's facility too when staying with me. Staff and other residents love to see her too.