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I figured I would start a new thread to catch folks up on our move. So we have just under a month before we leave Germany and head to TX. So much has happened in such a short time. We've had to adjust the amount needed to fly T & T to the U.S. So many have helped and we are so grateful. If you would like to continue to spread the GoFundme web site, please do.

I have updated the web page with the info on T & T. But that is not what I wanted to share with all of NN.

WE HAVE A HOUSE IN TEXAS ALREADY!!! I'm not sure I can share the whole story without missing stuff, but I'll do my best. I'm warning you now....This is long but AMAZING!!

So, when we first found out that we were being stationed at Laughlin AFB about 4 months ago, I began looking at the housing on base and the local area. The military gives you a housing allowance each month and it is based on your rank. For me, it comes out to about $1500 each month. I searched websites for the area and there really wasn't very many houses for rent in the area that were at least 4 bedrooms. Most of them where only 3 bedroom houses or apartments. The rent amount was really high for houses as well. Basically it was an owner's market. Michelle and I didn't want to buy a house because we don't plan on staying in Texas for very long. I will be retiring. (1-2 years) So I looked at the housing on base. The company that runs the housing has on their website that they do not allow dogs over 100lbs. I sent them an email explaining the newfoundland breed and they responded that they would accept our dogs. They basically had that 100lb limit on their website to keep fighting breeds away. So now we could look at the housing on base. For those who are not familiar with Military ways, they have enlisted and officer housing on base. I am enlisted. So it is kind of segregated. Anyway, for my rank there where two floor plans available (both 4 bedrooms). One was 1500 square feet and the other was 1700 square feet. Both extremely small for a family of 9 and two Newfies. So I figured I would see if there was someone (higher ranking than me) that could help. I contacted a previous supervisor (from Germany) that was stationed at Laughlin AFB (he left in July). He told me that he would see what he could do. He ended up emailing the highest enlisted member on the base, who contacted the Base Commander and the housing Superintendent.

They came up with a plan that would allow my family to live in the officer housing area in a 4 bedroom 1850 square foot house. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! In 21 years in the military, that is the 1st time I have ever had anything like this happen. Now granted, it will still be extremely tight with our size family, but oh my....this was such welcomed news! An extra couple hundred square feet will help in so many ways. We will have a room for school (we homeschool our kids). The kids will have larger bedrooms, which will make it easier on them since they will have to go from having their own rooms to sharing again.

So we have a house waiting for us. No living in a hotel for days until we find something. It is ready to move in. Not only that, but Laughlin AFB is a pilot training base. So the number of officers out number the enlisted folks 2 to 1. So we will be the only enlisted members living in the officer housing. It will be strange and I will have to salute continuously, but I don't care. I'm just so thankful that we have a housing solution that won't drain the budget and will offer us many ways to save before retirement. My housing allowance will cover rent and utilities. My older girls will have tons of babysitting jobs. (most of the officers are newly weds with young children) I can walk or ride a bike to work. No security deposit to pay, no pet deposit to pay. I swear I'm not making this up.

So, I just wanted to share this with you all. You have helped our family so much these last couple of months. I couldn't hold this back from you guys. It is all slowly falling into place.



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Unbelievable !

Officer housing? Wow ! How Spaceballs is that ? You are truly one with the Schwartz and have attained Plaid speed ! That's sooo great to hear !

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This is just great news, Eric!!! I am soooo happy to read this!! Keeping my fingers, eyes, paws, toes crossed for all of you!

doG bless!!!!