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Hi there-
My name is Mel and I live in Calgary, AB. We don't own a Newf yet. We are searching for our first family dog. We have no other pets (Sita,our Himalayan cat was 16y old last Dec. when she passed on) and the house seems empty- even with 3 kids running around. I'm hoping it will be a Newf, but they seem few and far between out west here.
Hope I can learn a lot.


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Hello Mel! Great to see another Canadian join Newf Net! You're sure to learn a lot here. Welcome aboard!


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Hi, Mel! Welcome! (transplanted Canadian here). My friends in New England got a couple of their Newfs from breeders in SK and Alberta. Hope you find yours too. Try the Newf Club of Canada, eh?


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Glad to see you have joined us here! This is a wonderful place filled with "all things newfie" and then some! Here is a link to a thread, where you can read many of our bios. Please feel free to post a bit about yourself on the same thread!

Also, I've created a "frapper map" which people can add themselves to. That way, we can see "where in the world" we all are!!! We'd love for you to add yourself. Click here if you want to add yourself: to the Newf Net map!
Anyways, here's wishing you a hearty Buckeye "welcome aboard"!