If You Had to Choose


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What would your 2nd favorite breed be.assuming that Newfoundland is your first choice. Looking at Shel's Stanley Wolfhound is tempting.:sunflower:


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I have a dane and a wolfhound as well as Hannah the newf. It would be hard to choose but I would say wolfhound barely edges out dane as second choice.


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I have always wanted a Berner...Bernese Mountain Dog...they are just so pretty...but that picture of Stanley is awfully cute!!


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I want a Dachshund. Maybe someday. The ones we board as so cute: Little with a big dog attitude.


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Little with a big dog attitude.
I don't know personally. Their attitude is a bit TOO big, IMHO. I have a neighbor with one that routinely tries to come after my Newf. Don't know if its overly protective or just plain stupid...

Jager's Mom

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Great Dane! No hair, LOL

On a side note...I've had dachshunds all my life.... Just got a puppy 1 yr ago. He is unlike any other doxie I've had. He has a big personality and incredibly sweet.

Dachshund: German for Pain in the A$$ (LOL)
No Pesky Little Varmints (Basset Hounds) for me. I get enough of those. :)

Seriously, not long after getting Snuffles, we got to see a puppy Berner grow up that lived on our walk route. I really liked the size and coloring.


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Golden retriever! They LOVE water too and are such versatile dogs. Sweet temperaments and very loving. I think they make great pals for Newfs. Though I've never had one myself I think clumbers are really neat dogs too. Maybe someday!

R Taft

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Labrador and golden retrievers. I love training with them...... If I had to shrink way down I would get a black English working line cocker spaniel.... I love gun dogs, love their social attitude and training ability. That is of course from working lines