How to Stop Neighbours Dogs from Pooping on My Front Lawn


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Last night I came home from my sisters to find a lady with her little chiaua pooping in the middle of my front lawn. Not on the edge but right center of my front yard. I called out of my window and asked her to get off my lawn and not to let her dog go there. She yelled back and said she had picked it up thus missing the point I made about it attracting other dogs. She marched down the street and called me a snotty Alberta BITCH.
How do you keep poppers off your front lawn? I should got to her house with Tess and let her pee and poop on her no less than perfect yard.
Holy ****, talk aboit welcome to the neighbourhood.


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Here are some signs you could put in your yard.

Or you could plant a border right at the sidewalk edge as a sort of barrier. Either a real low hedge or a pretty flower border. or maybe both (with the flowers on the house side of the border. Personally, I'm in favor of prickly plants that don't mind dog pee. Here is a list. Don't know if they will grow in your area though.
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We have a no poop zone sign on the telephone pole in our front yard. It doesn't work for my neighbors (grrr) who just let their dogs roam the neighborhood.


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My sister had a problem where her neighbor's dog would poop in her yard. So my sister bagged it all and dumped it on their front porch a few times. It was not long before they kept the dog off my sister's lawn.


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I have threatened to return the favor with the poop I've collected from my back yard. It "mysteriously" happened once or twice. Upon hearing my story other neighbors started to complain and they got the message.


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Poop Bombs, just watch where she enters the yard and make sure you put them lined up so she can't walk in the yard without getting it on her feet. Or you could always scream out the window each time...eventually she might get it.
Personally I don't mind poopers if they pick up. And if I am outside and know the dog and owner are friendly and does clean up after their dog, I will often grab the pooper scooper, and grab it and tell them to save a bag.

Snuffles does poop in people's yards since he normally poops walking. Now if people ask me not to, I do abide. But I will say since the boulevards grass between street and sidewalk is City owned easement, that is fair game in my book as long as it is picked up.

But we have some newer neighbor's on the next block that walk their 2 Dobermans around the block, and where ever they poop, that is where it sits...even in the middle of the sidewalk. Normally they do walk on the other side of the street. One time they did it on our boulevard. I asked if they were going to pick it up. "I don't have a bag." I gave her one, and said you walk them all the time, and you need to pick up. A lot of good that did other than she picked up that one time.

We have a City Councilman who use to be the County Sherriff for a couple of terms walk his daughter's Yorkie up here now and then. Funny site, BIG man, little dog.....I digrest. :) We got to know him a bit while walking dogs. Anyway I was showing him some of the piles not long ago near the corner. Can't believe he suggested pick it up and throw it in their yard. Of course I had to ask if it was lawful. :) Anyway he said he was going to talk to the assistant City manager. I have to admit, I do not see these folks near as much. Funny now if they see me, they turn around. :)

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My dad had this problem and he, as Jeannie suggested, bagged it and placed it on their step a couple of times. He came shortly after and found that it had been thrown against his front door. I don't know where it stands now.

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You could just let your Newfies out and scare the begeebers out of the dog and its walker/owner but then you prolly would have to clean up 2 piles of poop


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Too funny! That exact thing happened the other day but on accident. I had our female Newf Ziva out in the front yard with me and she charged out into the street - yes, very dangerous but luckily we live on a quiet street. Our neighbors who live across the street are out of town and have their niece taking care of their Puggle. The same Puggle who poops in our yard when they just let him out the front door of their house to roam the neighborhood. The Niece and her boyfriend were walking the Puggle on leash down the street and were almost home. Luckily the niece and her boyfriend weren't too startled to see our Newf coming running at them. Ziva stopped short of running them over to visit with the Puggle. It was like she knew he was one of the dogs pooping in her yard!