How dogs learn..


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In view of the discussion about the C-Barq survey, I am curious if anyone has used the site "Dognition" which is a site that demonstrates how your dog "learns" using interactive games, etc. It was developed at Duke U. by the animal behaviorists there. Anyone? I tried it with Traveler and it was a lot of fun and gave me some insights into his wee brain too.


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I'm definitely going to try this. When you have a rescue who was older when you got him and came with baggage, I think it may give some insight into how to understand him and interact with him. Will let you know how it goes.

R Taft

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I love it and use it a lot with my dogs..... Urshie is amazing at puzzles and i found it really helps with water training as we end up with thinking dogs that learn easier in my opinion