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Living alone has presented some issues but, I've managed to over come all but one obstacle; Asher is terrified of the dryer! I tried turning it on and not pointing it at him while giving him treats with my free hand ( I was standing on the hose so it wouldn't bash us). He wanted nothing to do with the treats! Is there a way I can do this alone or should I call in a friend to help hold him until he gradually gets used to it? Where I live, it rains a lot and being able to dry him is not optional, it necessary.


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Try turning it on low with no attachments. Start at the rear end and put the nozzle right next to his skin or very close. Don't move closer to the head until he is comfortable with the rear end. Then slowly move toward the head.

I'd tie him so he cannot get away. No table because he may jump off. No treats or sweet talking because that is positive reinforcement. So you are rewarding him for being afraid. Don't you act apprehensive either or he will feed off of you. Just do it.


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I have no advice :( Loki LOVES the vacuum cleaner and I think he treats the leaf blower (which is basically a dryer...) as a close sibling of his roaring, air-moving buddy.


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When we first got Ziva (now almost a year!) she would watch me at the door way to the bathroom fascinated by me blowing my hair dry. I would point it at her and she would bite the air. She loved the attention. Then slowly I started blowing her coat with the air on cool. When we got our K9III she tried to bite the air again and seemed to accept it. We set up the K9III in the garage with a short 2 foot leash so she couldn't escape anyway.

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Like Ziva, my girl tries to bite the air. I try to get her to stop, but it takes a lot of concentration and treats. I started to just groom her myself since all the groomers I've been to aren't patient enough to make it a good experience for her. For example, she'll bite at the blow dryer and they'll just stop and put her in the kennel dryer where she'll get so scared that she pees. It's so frustrating, but I do end up saving a ton of money doing her myself. Not to mention the experience.
Seems to me I tied Snuffles to a sewer pipe in the basement, and of course lots of treats. Dryers, vacuum cleaners, yard blowers do not phase him a bit now and I think enjoys the high velocity air.


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We used our Deck to get Tigger used to the dryer. We closed the gate turned it on low, and made a game of blowing a ball around, as the ball would get bown, we would 'accidently' blow her back end. the more she became used to it, and the associated noise, the less we would use the ball, and the more we would blow her. Pretty soon the blower was nolonger the "Bad Monster" but became the "Fun blower thing". Anyway worked for us.


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I use a tether to the wooden picnic table and nearly empty peanut butter jars as lures. Zuzu likes the dryer; Cooper is much better now but it used to take the jar just to get him to come near the tether. I also started with 2 minutes, then 5, gradually working up with him. Funny because he used to be a show dog and really shouldn't mind at all. LOL.

I still do it alone and still use the tether though, otherwise Cooper will just up and leave in the middle. Zuzu needs the tether to get started then I undo her and she stays.