Hello From NY


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Hello, my name is Cody Elizabeth. We are from upstate NY. Our family just added a Newfie to our home. Tobie is 11 weeks old and soon to be added is Katniss. Katniss is being trained as a service dog for our daughter who suffers from Lyme disease. We also have a black lab and Siberian husky. We live on a farm with beefers, goats, and Chickens. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your Newfoundlands and getting advice from everyone!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!

Sound Bay Newfs

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Welcome from Long Island! You have a fun adventure ahead with your new pup! I am interested in hearing more about how Katniss will assist your daughter with her Lyme disease. Newfs are very smart and trainable. Pups can be active and rambunctious and need early training and socializing.